HOW is my order packaged?

We cuts are packaged with a vaccum seal for optimal freshness. Next, each order is hand-packed in a Styrofoam cooler gel packs. Our packaging allows us to ship frozen and fresh meat in a temperature-stable environment below 40°F for up to 72 hours of refrigerated transit time.


A tracking number is generated and emailed to you after your order has been processed. For tracking updates go to


Here are a few simple tips in order to ensure the safe arrival of your protein package.

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After an order is placed online, you will automatically receive an order confirmation followed by a FedEx tracking number once your order is processed.


 Please visit the FedEx website to view order status and adjust tracking notification settings.


We requires no signature upon receiving a package.


 For special requests please contact our phone number (808)868-7939.


 Shipment of any order is subject to be delayed due to product availability.


We use our easy, consumer friendly packaging to ship our fresh cut proteins overnight using FedEx shipping services for delivery to your doorstep.


All proteins are shipped through FedEx 2 Day Express and Fed Ex Ground services. Please note that delivery times for each FedEx service vary by area. Go to for estimated delivery times.

Fed Ex Shipping:


*We are not responsible for any damaged packaging due to FedEx mishandling.


*Shipping dates could be affected due major holiday season

When will my order ship out?